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18 years ago, five like-minded brand and clothing enthusiast teamed to open a multi-brand store called GQ in New Road. The individuals who were very enthusiastic about brands and quality clothing came together to bring a new culture to Nepal. All of the partners who were also good friends came from different backgrounds; branded retail business,academics, sports etc and this is what helped to form a balanced partnership of education and experience in the company. They opened their very first multi-brand store called GQ in New Road and this store running till date. And from this store, they started bringing in original Adidas products and this is how the journey of ‘Labels’ began. As the name suggests, ‘Labels’ is all about bringing the desired and quality brands (labels) under one roof to cater the mass and provide them with premium shopping experience.
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Labels, 67 athak Marg, kamaladi, kathmandu, nepal
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