Himalayan Honey

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Always remember us for your needs of pure honey in Nepal. We have got diverse types of honey in Nepal that are extracted from hives of both wild and domestic honey bees. Some of our products include balsam honey, acacia honey, natural honey and local honey from Nepal. We are offering fresh honey for sale. We collect the honey from Apis laborisa, Apis cerena and Apis dorsota which are the colonies of wild bees in Nepal. In fact, Apis laborisa is the largest honey bee in the world. We label the floral source and time of harvest on the honey jar so that the buyer can know about different color, texture and characteristics of honey. We are totally committed in setting quality standard. Honey undergoes through different phases at our sophisticated labs. Crystallized honey is considered better than fluid honey. Combing honey from wild honey bees requires much effort. Usually, wild honey is extracted by Himalayan honey hunters who are professional honey hunters and who transfer their ancient honey hunting skills from generation to generation. Wild honey bees usually make their hives in cliffs and top of trees. We are determined to offer you with the best organic honey from Nepal. Contact us for details of price of Himalayan honey.
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