Green Tea in Nepal

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Green tea grows best in warm and humid climate where there is plenty of rainfall. More than 70% of Nepal is covered by hilly region which offers the exact climatic condition that the green herbal tea requires. Himalayan Green tea is peculiarly noted for its rich flavor and essence. Herbal green tea from Nepal retains medicinal value. Antioxidant is present in high level in Nepal green tea. So drinking green tea from Nepal helps our body to counter deadly disease like cancer. Organic green tea in Nepal is produced in unpolluted Himalayan land. We are one of the authentic green tea store in Nepal. We offer green tea for sale in bulk. So you can remember us for your needs of wholesale green tea in Nepal. We deal in all types of green tea. We offer loose green tea leaves, jasmine green tea, tulsi tea, numi tea, Ceylon green tea, decaf green tea and other best Nepal green tea brand that are best green tea for health. You can buy green tea online from our store. We offer cheap green tea. You can either buy green tea bags or fresh green tea leaves. Contact us for details regarding green tea price in Nepal.
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