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At Shikhar Cool Tech, we pride ourselves on offering amazing and fast service, as well as our friendly attitude. We want our customers to be happy, and that means going the extra mile, which is why we\'re always polite, friendly, but also honest. There\'s nothing worse than dealing with a service that will promise you the moon and never deliver. We don\'t promise the moon because we don\'t have to. We\'ve gained a reputation for being reliable for good reason. And no, we won\'t come around and tell you we need to get a long list of parts before you can enjoy a reasonable temperature in your home or office space. We make sure our trucks have a good-sized inventory of parts, which means we can usually take care of any problem on the spot. Yes, we\'re always prepared, which means you won\'t have to suffer any longer than necessary. So, whether you have an air conditioning problem in your home or in a commercial building, don\'t hesitate to get in touch because we can fix it. Why suffer when the A/C & Refrigerator Man is here to help you?
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Dhangadhi Kailali Nepal
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